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Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology offers services to children ages 18 months to young adults, which include a complete formal diagnostic evaluation with a written report, discussion of results with the patient and/or family, consultation with appropriate professionals, counseling, and recommendations.  Family members are included in the treatment sessions whenever possible to facilitate carryover into the patient’s environment, thereby maximizing the impact of treatment.  We feel that a team approach to treatment is very important and we work closely with the patient, family, physician, and other professionals (i.e., counselor, teacher) to achieve the most efficient and effective results.

In addition to the areas listed below, we provide evaluation and treatment of auditory processing deficits that may negatively impact reading, writing, and academic language.  We comprehensively diagnose and treat these challenges from a speech and language perspective, by addressing aspects such as memory, comprehension, vocabulary, discrimination, phonological processing, sequencing, and organization.

Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology offers diagnostic evaluations and provides individual therapy in the following areas of communication:

  • Articulation/phonology
  • Language
  • Auditory Language Processing
  • Oral Motor Function
  • Pragmatic (Social) Language
  • Decoding and Encoding for Reading Comprehension
  • Written Expression and Spelling
  • Deaf and Hearing Impairment/Cochlear Implants

We incorporate the following programs into the individualized plan of therapy:

  • Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing (LIPS) for Reading, Spelling and Speech
  • Visualizing/Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking (V/V)
  • Fast ForWord
  • Earobics
  • Social Cognitive Thinking

Pragmatic Language Therapy


Based on the principles of social cognitive thinking ( our weekly group therapy is co-facilitated by a licensed clinical psychologist and speech and language pathologist.  Video modeling is incorporated into the group sessions in order for the participants to gain understanding of their verbal and nonverbal language and behaviors “in the moment.”
Our social language groups help children establish and maintain peer relationships and learn how to develop social awareness skills.  We help your child to communicate effectively using play based/ dynamic centered skills.

For most children, basic social skills (e.g., turn taking, initiating conversation) are acquired quickly and easily.  For children with ASD and other developmental disorders, social skills often need to be taught explicitly.

Social skills intervention often begins with developing basic turn taking routines, expanding gestures, and establishing joint attention.  Later on, children may engage in activities regarding expressing thoughts and feelings, maintaining conversation, reading social stories, and role playing.

Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology develops social pragmatic language groups that utilize this specific social cognitive thinking instruction.  Our groups are formed not only by diagnosis, but by developmental and chronological ages.


Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology offers consultation services for educational, in-service and professional programs.  These services are available for:

  • School/On-site observations
  • Attend IEP meetings/staffings and support parents in the special education process
  • Special child/parent needs
  • Preschool and day-care teacher training programs
  • Public and private schools and educational programs
  • Professional organizations
  • Support groups
  • Speech and Language Screening are available to preschools and day-care centers

Book Club is a language based literacy experience that uses age appropriate literature, verbal discussion, oral and written language and extension projects to engage students in the critical thinking and reflection process in response to reading.
Small groups of students will gather once or twice weekly (depending on schedule) to work cooperatively with their peers, demonstrate perspective taking skills, practice social cognitive thinking necessary for true conversation, and develop expressive language skills needed to prepare for small group discussion.

Our book club will provide the children with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and interpretation of the book through art.  This final project keeps the students thinking about the book even after they have closed the final page.

Book Club is available for students 2nd grade through high school.


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