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Comprehensive SLP LLC is currently providing individual speech and language therapy, social pragmatic language therapy, and social emotional counseling via HIPPA compliant telepractice.

Speech and language evaluations within
the clinical office setting will resume in Summer 2020.

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We wish all of our families and children, our colleagues and friends good health and safety, and look forward to continuing to provide expert services.

Is my child’s speech and language typical for his/her age?
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Contact Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology LLC for evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders in children 18 months through high school:

  • Social Pragmatic Language Skills deficits secondary to
    Autism, PDD-NOS, and Anxiety
  • Language Processing and Auditory Processing Skills disorders
  • Deaf and Hearing Impairment; Unilateral Hearing Loss; Cochlear Implant
  • Phonological Processing Disorders
  • Word Retrieval Disorder
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
  • Apraxia
  • Articulation Disorders

Mara Lane | Speech and Language PathologyMara H. Lane M.S, CCC/SLP, Founder and Director of Comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology LLC, located on Chicago’s North Shore in Northfield, IL offers Diagnostic, individualized Therapeutic and Consultative services to children 18 months of age through high school. Diagnostic services assess whether your child’s communication skills are within age and grade expectations. A detailed written report with specific recommendations is provided. Individualized therapy targets specific challenges designed to facilitate improvement with specific goals. Consultation with parents and collaboration with independent and school team members is essential to your child’s improvement.

Mara Lane was recently featured in the Northbrook Tower newspaper.
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