Matthew Wohlgemuth MSW, LSW

Matthew WohlgemuthMatthew Wohlgemuth, MSW, LSW, received his Bachelor of Human Services from Dominican University in 2018. He then pursued his Masters of Social Work from Dominican University and earned his degree in 2021.

Matthew joins the CSLP team with a myriad of experiences working with youth. Matthew has worked with various Summer programming through the North West Special Recreation Association (NWSRA) where he worked to promote healthy group environments through inclusion; and implemented specialized techniques and activities for a range of abilities. He has a passion for working to give a “voice” to individuals, communities, and in social settings while promoting a safe, healthy and adaptive environment for all. Matthew currently works as a school social worker at Robert Frost Elementary School out of Wheeling Community Consolidated School District 21. At Frost, he works to connect with a variety of students to develop coping strategies, problem-solving skills, and self-regulation tools. He also has worked with various populations and students experiencing complex trauma and fosters a whole-person humanist lens when working with individuals in the therapeutic setting. Matthew’s commitment to cultivating a positive and inclusive learning environment is a cornerstone of his daily practices and work as a social worker.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys time spent in nature, reading a good book, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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