Client Testimonials

Mara Lane single-handedly changed the course of our son’s life.  Her insight and professional knowledge took a nonverbal child, already incorrectly labeled–and fought long and hard to get him properly diagnosed and set on a path of academic and personal success.

She was his cheerleader, coach and friend.  She pushed him, loved him, and made him work hard.  Our son just completed his Freshman year in college at a top tier school.

There is no finer professional to work with a child with learning disabilities or a speech  impairment.  She is a true treasure.

Mrs. B

Mrs. Lane has been working with our daughter, who is hard of hearing, for over 4 years.  Mrs. Lane has helped her grow from a shy little girl working on pronouncing sounds to a confident girl who is working on clearer speech in social conversations.

Mara makes the sessions fun for the kids and uses positive reinforcement.  My daughter enjoys working on her speech goals.

Lastly, Mara Lane has been a valuable resource for us in dealing with my daughter’s hearing loss.  She has attended the IEP and 504 meetings with the school and has been instrumental in getting Elizabeth the accommodations and services that she needs.

Diann Finley, mom

Mara has all the qualities that I look for in a professional who works with children: she provides therapy with clear, measureable goals and best practice methods combined with a natural ability to connect with kids. She is practical and problem-focused — she understands how language development effects a child’s academic and social world and keeps that as her focus. Her assessment approach is methodical and thorough, leading to specific treatment goals. I have worked with dozens of satisfied parents whose children have greatly benefitted from Mara’s efforts.

Jeffrey O’Koon, Ph.D.
Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Mara  is an outstanding speech and language therapist.  She is able to sift through your child’s specific needs  and then adapt the therapy session to address those needs.  It is nice to have her in your corner  at school meetings.  She is a breath of fresh air in the frustrating , never ending, advocating process  for your child.

-North Shore Mom

I have had the pleasure of working with Mara Lane with many clients over the years. I truly appreciate her in-depth and insightful evaluations, suggestions, and treatment programs which always relate to function and purpose (an OT’s dream!!).

Her passion informs all of her work, and the results are seen in her clients’ progress. Mara also generously shares her vast knowledge with professionals, parents, community groups, and school staffs.

I count on Mara as a valued resource and I always look forward to our collaborations. She is the ultimate professional.

– Judy Katz OTR

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