Fall 2019 Social Pragmatic Language Groups

Social Pragmatic Language Group


Download and print Social Pragmatic Language Group flyer and registration form.

Our social language pragmatic language groups, facilitated by a Certified and Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, Certified School Psychologist and/or  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, help children and teens who need help making friends and understanding social relationships.  The groups are modeled on the social thinking curriculum of Michelle Garcia Winner, whose nationally recognized methodology of social cognitive thinking has helped many children improve their peer communication and interaction skills.


4 – 5 PM:  boys group   3 & 4 graders
4 – 5 PM: co-ed group:  2 & 3 graders
5-6 PM:  high school group: co-ed
6-7 PM:  high school  group: co-ed
7-8 PM:  high school & post high school group: co-ed
8 AM:  co-ed group: 1  – 3 graders
9 AM:  4 & 5 grade girls group
10 AM:  co-ed middle school group
11 AM:  5 & 6 grade group
Noon:   boys group: 5 & 6th graders

Contact Mara H. Lane at 847-291-0700 or at mara.lane8@gmail.com for registration information.

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